Changemakers Forward

A community-based learning network to cultivate the key inner capacities to thrive in today's world.

Changemakers Forward Community

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A community-based network and platform for everyday leaders to cultivate the essential inner capacities to thrive in today's uncertain world––those we didn’t learn in school but that are needed to move our lives and the world forward.

Resilience, focus, and presence. Mindfulness, vulnerability, gratitude, and compassion. Trust, intuition, leadership, and authenticity.

These are all core competencies required in our global context today. As everyday leaders––purpose-based individuals, entrepreneurs, and creators––we all need to develop an authentic and reliable inner compass and know how to return to a grounded, centered presence no matter what the day brings us. 

Together we create conditions to evolve and expand our impact through facilitated online learning––practical, experiential sessions and programmes at the intersection of leadership, mindfulness, authenticity, and transformation.

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