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Welcome to a community of changemakers organically emerging as a dedicated space for all of us change-makers, creatives, leaders, professionals and anyone who wants to bring forward a calling or idea that serves the world, surrounded by a deeply supportive and learning community. 

A core belief of our community is that fostering meaningful and creative connections can help us sustain and propel us forward. 

In our community, we can go beyond silos and grow our capacity for authenticity, leadership, transformation, and resourcefulness by engaging in meaningful sharing with others. 

Think of it a safe home base where we can share stories, comments, or offer encouragement to others. Moreover, we can connect daily, not just annually or at special events. We can access posts, polls, shared resources available. Additionally, we offer experiential courses and live sessions with special guests. 

Right now, access to sharing and support is made easy with a dedicated platform, iOS and Android apps, and a mix of online technologies such as Mighty Networks, Crowdcast and Zoom.

 Change Incubation: Transformational lives and projects from idea to reality.

What do you feel called to do?

Do you have an inspiring idea or project (or a few!) that you've been wanting to work on for a while but haven't yet found the time or focus? Or perhaps work, life, fear or resistance get in the way of making it happen? 

We hear you! Sometimes our longings get set aside in the wake of everyday life. That is why we are creating an adventure to give ourselves space to bring our transformational callings to life.

Why don’t you join our Change Incubation experience?! 

Opening up the space for new things to emerge.

Imagine people all over the world making daily space to access their inspiration and deeper knowing, creating with intention, one step at a time. What could happen after a few weeks? 

We'll soon begin 30-days of momentum and adventure to cultivate and move forward those amazing callings, ideas, projects or little actions that we've been wanting to bring into the world.  You can do this individually.

The best part? You can continue to do it again and again, and see that with small, consistent and inspired action, you can continue to move forward from intention to reality!

Curious to know more and join in on the inspiration and fun? Request free access when we open the doors––you'll get the details, encouragement, and updates.

Want more support?

If you are ready to overcome your barriers or resistance to make more progress on your transformational work and be the changemaker you want to be the Change Incubation experiential sojourn is for you. 

It's a 10 week group experience to flow into consistent and inspired action, with a deeply caring Wisdom Circle of changemakers and mentors bringing their unique wisdom and supporting us to sustain on the way ahead. 

The online platform and sharing circles via video conferencing allow us to make it accessible across the globe. 

It's like an intimate and empowering weekly retreat and meetup of inspiring work and community connection for your change incubation journey.

Over the ten weeks, we’ll be working through different themes based on what's emerging from the group. We will engage in personal inquiry, deep listening, sharing, reflecting and co-creating. You’ll leave the experience with clarity to map out our path ahead, valuable relationships and a caring support network to sustain. Because can go farther when we journey together.

We will hold a space of care and openness and experience what happens when we connect to ourselves and to others at a deeper level––through online sessions and a dedicated space in our community.

The journey combines weekly online group sessions, playsheets for personal work and inquiry, online sessions with special guests, ongoing access to the Wisdom Circle with for alumni.

Moreover, we will bear witness to our own and other's transformation, while sensing into what wants to emerge, individually and as a community. We will be part of a group that feels like a family where we will find encouragement, guidance and strength as we bring our callings to life.

Sound like something for you? Add your name to the list and we'll send you the details when it's all ready to go.



Hello! 👋 We're Fabiola Benavente {..... other bios pending ;-) } and we're the hosts and facilitators collaborating to bring you Changemakers Forward. We're grateful to all those who have nurtured the process of emergence to turn this calling into a reality. We'll have some other stars in here too, but let us introduce ourselves:

I'm Fabiola and I'm an initiator and a host at Changemakers Forward. I'm inspired by connecting inner and outer worlds. I'm also a facilitator of transformation ––and love making it simple! Before Changemakers Forward, I worked at,, and created transformational leadership programs and workshops.

We look forward to meeting you, when we open the doors!

We believe that transformation begins from within ourselves, that we don't need to be in silos, and that a nurturing community can support us as we bring our transformational calling and ideas out into the world.

Whether you are volunteering, building change into your career journey as an entrepreneur or self-employed practitioner, making change within an organization, or seeking for the right place to make a change, we’re holding a place for you!

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