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At Changemakers Forward we're crafting a community both for and by every one of us changemakers, interested in going inwards to move forward with purpose.

The purpose is that any changemaker, anywhere, brings forth whatever they feel called to manifest in the world, with a supportive community around them.

 We're currently crafting our online incubation journey blending bottom-up community, emergence, and participatory approaches. It will integrate practices to foster the inner and outer work to birth change: deep listening, sharing, reflecting and co-creating.

This program will help us move into the next phase of our community model while maintaining our community's main purpose at the core of all we do.

Everyone can be a changemaker

Whether you are volunteering, building change into your career journey as an entrepreneur or self-employed practitioner, making change within a nonprofit – or a company, or seeking for the right place to make a change, we’re holding a place for you here in Changemakers Forward.

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Thank you

We cannot wait to share more about this with you all!

It has been a beautiful journey until this point while bootstrapping our community. We're grateful to the people who have nurtured this process of emergence.

Thanks for your ongoing trust along the journey!

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